Naasakle International

Your Partner for 100% All Natural Shea Butter

Do you have order minimums? 

Yes, our order minimum for new customers is 500lbs. For smaller orders, please contact our primary distributor in the US, Essential Depot

How quickly can I get my shea? 

Depending on order size, we may be able to ship from our US inventory within a week. For larger orders, processing and delivery generally take between 60-90 days. 

What are your payment terms? 

We require a 50% payment at time of order and complete payment upon receipt. Our preferred means of payment is through bank transfer. 

What is shea butter? 

Shea Butter is a 100% natural multi-purpose vitamin A and E cream that originates from the fruit of the Shea tree (also called karite). The creamy emollient contains natural properties that protect, replenish, nourish, and moisturize to give radiant and silky soft skin and hair; as such Shea Butter has found its way into most beauty and pharmaceutical skincare products globally. Shea Butter is also used in the food industry and chocolates in Europe and Brazil. 

Refined vs Unrefined Shea Butter? 

The word “Refined” can be misleading when it comes to Shea Butter. Refined Shea Butter is often bleached and has been chemically treated to remove Shea Butter’s nutty aroma, Shea Butter’s natural color, and most of Shea Butter’s natural healing properties. DO NOT be fooled by companies marketing “Refined Shea Butter” as 100% pure or organic Shea Butter. Our handcrafted unrefined Shea Butter is 100% pure and has the highest levels of natural healing properties because it is produced without chemicals, preservatives or additives. 

Understanding our supply chain

Our handcrafted Shea Butter is produced in Damango, Ghana using Fair Trade principles. The female cooperatives are generally compensated at least 20% more than the government stipulated minimum wage and more than the market price for Shea Butter and nuts. All of our products undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure that they meet our requirements, as well as yours.

Are you organic?

Shea butter grows in the wild and so by nature is organic. That said, lots of customers need officially organic certified shea butter, and we're happy to report that we offer Ecocert Organic certified shea butter.